Our Departments

Mission & Vision

Brief Introduction
Our high school was founded according to the annex number 30 of the Law number 2809 which was published in the official gazette on 26th February in 2010 and started its education with its 61 student in 2010-2011 academic year.

Our high school tries to meet the need for trained staff in physical education and sports fields while contributing to meeting our country’s need for Teacher of Physical Education and Sports, Sports Expert, Trainer, Sport Manager.

The aim of our institution is to train teachers, managers and trainers who are; beneficial to their country and people; productive, sensitive and responsible; able to teach what they learned; able to apply all of these features in every situation and circumstances; are at peace with themselves in research and community service; respectful to national and universal values; equipped in scientific and social fields in order to lead sustainable development and who have devoted themselves to their professions.

What are the institution’s aims in terms of its local, regional, national and international position?
Our unit aims to train staff, each of whom is highly qualified in; producing knowledge, analyzing the features of place and location, conveying knowledge and finding solutions, consequently; who are productive and beneficial to their region, country and humanity.

Our institution aims to make necessary researches and studies that are necessary for determination of sports potential of the region, developing the current infrastructure and submitting scientific data to the related institutions in addition to train Teachers of Physical Education that the Turkish National Education System needs who are highly qualified and have the necessary knowledge.

It is aimed to develop relations with national and international institutions in every level and form the basis on the science in order to present healthy and adequate studies.

The aim of our high school is to be a modernist high school which; is preferred because of the quality in its education, teaching and research; encourages team work; makes researches in order to solve the problems of our city, region and country; is leader in creating the cooperation among university-industry and society; is respectful to universal values; improves itself continuously; is devoted to the principles of Atatürk and obeys the laws and legislations; believes in the universality of science..